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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I saw Les Miserable.  More like, I sat and experienced Les Miz.  The 2.5 hours felt like 10 days and I weirdly did not want it to be over.  I was dreading it ending.  Even though I had been thoroughly traumatized by unrequited love and the French Revolution.  And the Innkeepers...  Here are my thoughts:

1- Anne Hathaway.  Okay.  Haven't been loving her ever since Devil Wears Prada.  (For dumb reasons- she never got besties with my girl Meryl and she conformed to the fashion world, but this is neither here nor there.)  I have to give her a high five for this one.  I felt like I was standing on the prostitute steps with her.  So sad.  Seeing her die was awful.  Her dying was my first real punch to the gut in this saga.  However, she pulled off the buzz cut pretty darn well.

2-Marius.  He was my favorite.  Besides being dragged through the Paris sewage system, and falling in love in one glance, he was one of my most liked parts of the movie.  At first, I thought he was a pansy, but I was pleasantly surprised.  He had passion, pizazz and a heart.  I did feel pretty terrible for the girl he dissed to get to his true love.

3-Russell Crowe.  Even thought he was a relentless pain in the arse, I was secretly rooting for him.  Not for him to capture Hugh Jackman, but for him to have a shot to the heart and show some mercy.  I think deep down he wanted to.  He was an unexpected favorite in the movie.  I know most people say he was their least favorite talent wise, but I had a little grace for him.  I can not even go into his exit.  Was so not expecting that.  It is tied for my least favorite part of the whole dang thing. 

4-Jean Valijean.  He was the underdog. I love an underdog.  I guess I related to him the most.  He was rocking that whole "nice guys finish last" aura.  I mean seriously.  Couldn't catch a break.  Jail, thievery, death, becoming a baby daddy and getting smacked on the head a whole lot by Javert.  He saves the true love of his daughter only to be on the run again.  Then he finally gets free only to die.  This one got me good.  This would be the 2nd gut punch in the saga.  He finally had joy and love and then Anne Hathway had to show up and he died.  Uh.  So sad. 

5- the little poor kid who was fighting for the cause.  I can't remember his name, but he is in the running for one of my favorite characters.  I loved hearing him sing.  Until some french soldier took him down.  That one undid me.  Couldn't take it.  That would be the gut punch finisher right there.  Thank God I remembered it was not real...

6-The Innkeepers.  As much as I wanted to beat them, they made the movie.  Hilarious.  I can't stand Borat, but he made for a great cheesy thief.  I immaturely almost spewed my drink during the Santa scene.

7-The French Revolution.  It is so hard to imagine.  But, seeing snippets of it really put into perspective the class struggle.  Seeing those young guys fighting for something that they believed in was actually kind of inspiring.  I can't decide if I would be woman enough to risk it like they did.  No guts no glory.

8-Eponine (Liz Bailey).  She loved Marius.  He loved Cossete.  Ebony checked yes.  Marius checked no.  It is a Taylor Swift song in the making.  I just can't take unrequited love.  In real life or a movie.  Maybe I was relating to her.  I have had a bout with unrequited love like and I am not a fan.  Poor girl put her heart on the chopping block and got diced.  Then, after she gets diced, she gets shot.  I mean, it was a lose lose.  I was hoping somebody, anybody would rescue her. 

All in all, I'd say go and see the movie.  I liked it. A lot.  I feel much more cultured now.  Plus, I feel like I've been to Paris... the 1800's version.

Rock on,

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