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Monday, January 7, 2013

This year

I'm not one for posting big resolutions on here, but these (I hope) are sticking with me for more than a year.  As I wrote before, 2012 was not my favorite year.  2012 was was one of those years that was a mixture of awesome and terrible. But, I did learn some pretty valuable lessons and I met some pretty quality people.  But, enough of that.

This year.

This year I will try to not have a fear of failure. 
This year I will try to not have a fear of success.
This year I will not be in the mindset of waiting for things to fall apart.  Or if you want to get technical- I will not wait for the other shoe to drop.

This year, I hereby declare that I am going to live to the full the season that I am in.  I am going to manhandle 2013.  There. Said it.  Boom.

Make good choices.


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