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Friday, September 7, 2012

Some things

1.  Someone has shown me NPR's music site.  I can't stop watching it. Help me I'm a music junkie.
2.  What I wouldn't give for Logan Stout to be living in Charleston.  She would also watch endless hours of really trendy music.
3.  Ben Rector.  You kind of made me mad last night.  I only go to hear a very small selection of your AWESOME music.
4. I ate some vegan ish food last night.  I feel like an earthy bad a.  That's right.
5.  I'm 100% obsessed with this picture.
Pinned Image
6. I have some really awesome friends. Amen to that. 
7.  Did I mention that I am a music junkie? 
8.  This still makes me laugh every time I see it.  I'm sorry. I cant help it.
so funny
9.  Its 2 pm.  I haven't eaten lunch and I may have hanger.
10.  Still makes me laugh.  Non stop.  I want to be friends with these people.
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I hope you have a good weekend:)


  1. You are not right....that girl in the red...OMG...makes me laugh...hard;) mandy

  2. Sugar owns one of those lovely scarves in the last photo.... so you already have one of those friends!