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Monday, September 17, 2012

Whole Foods Butt Bump

I don't normally blog twice in a day, but desperate times call for desperate measures...  I'm spending the night with Becca Wags tonight because the parental units had to roll out.  After an agonizing hour of indecisiveness, we found ourselves at Whole Foods.  Hunters and gatherers we are.  We headed to the salad bar.

I discovered something about myself tonight.  I love the salad bar.  I HATE the salad bar when people are going behind me.  I mean, who likes to feel rushed when they are trying to decide on veggies?  I just get too worked up.  Tonight was going ok.  I stalled so that I could go down the side of the bar solo.  No one in front or behind.  Veggie bliss.  Until the butt bump.  I was causally scooping some squash and I backed it on up.  Right into the backside of someone behind me. I whipped around and made horribly awkward eye contact.  Happened to be a really cute boy on the hot bar side (typical).  It wasn't even like a quick little tap.  It was like a bun to bun collision.  He must have been going full speed reverse also because I must have gotten a little whiplash.  Now he had a clean dismount.  Me, miss smooth, dropped my whole dang thing on the ground.  Did it land right side up?  Heck no.  All my beautiful veggies were marinating on the floor of Whole Foods.  I knew I should have gone for the pizza....

Score one for this cool cat...

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  1. I am laughing hysterically right now... this is too much!