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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Betty Bridesmaid: Duck Diaries

Not 1% of me wanted to wake up when my alarm throat punched me at 3:37 am on this beautiful Saturday morning.  Especially since I didn't get to bed till after midnight.  But, today was the day that I've been waiting for for quite a while.  The day of an early season Teal hunt. It was my first teal hunt ever.  I got up, got dressed and drove downtown to pick meet up with Douglas.   We hit the road soon after and headed south to Edisto Island, which just so happens to be my favorite place in all the land. I got really nervous when we got there because I didn't know anyone.  And let's face it- I'm a girl.  We aren't generally encouraged to come on these type of adventures. Oh well.

We got our blind assignments and headed across the farm.  It was really cool.  It was so dark and the stars were shining so bright.  We loaded up all our guns and put our waders on.  Never does your butt feel so big as when you have to pack it on in to some neoprene waders.  Just saying.  We got into our blinds at about 6:15.  We had to wait until 7:04 to shoot.  While it was still dark, you could here the teal swooping in to the flooded field.  So surreal.  Then shooting time came and a storm of steel went flying.  I didn't even shoot for a minute because it was so incredible to watch and hear.  Shot after shot, duck after duck.  All of us shot our limit in under 10 minutes.  Pretty incredible.  We probably watched 1,500 teal come in this morning.  It was truly a very neat experience.  When we were finished the dogs hunted up our birds.  I love watching dogs work.  So cool.  All in all, today was pretty awesome.

It's nice to work some camo in to my wardrobe every now and again...
Here are some of my favorite pics from the morning.

Stay Classy,

Betty Bridesmaid

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