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Sunday, September 23, 2012

a case of no filter

It's Sunday morning and I'm at the office before church (ew).  I pit stopped at Starbucks.  Where I had a case of no filter on accident this morning.  There I am just minding my own biz. Proud of myself for going to the office at 8 am.  All I want is my little iced coffee to give me some encouragement.  I'm standing behid a giant man with a shaved head. I mean he kind of looked like Stone Cold Steve Austin (wrestler).  He is holding up the line.  He just can't decide.  People are getting anxious.  He finally comes to a decision.  He orders a strawberries and cream frap.  DISGUSTING.  Well, I accidentally said the word disgusting.  Loudly.  Directly behind him.  Bad decision.  Oh junk.  He whipped around and I had yet another awkward eye contact.  This time I had no out or sorry excuse to offer up.  There he stood, staring into my soul.....  All I could think to say was oops.  Starbucks was pretty much full of awkward silence until he got his drink and left.  Smooth.  Score another cool point for this girl.  Hahaha. 

Happy Sunday.


  1. You are precious. That about sums it up. And your writing always always brings me JOY. yes all caps joy. Keep being the you God created you to be. xoxo e wynnegraceappears

    1. Haha. Well thank you! I enjoy yours too!