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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Office Diaries of the woman appraiser

I like my job. For the most part.  However, I do find it funny that I come across weird, wacko, crazy, abnormal people. On a very frequent basis.  (Please refer to my off the reservation post if you need a traumatizing example)  Today I went and inspected a house and came out ever so grateful for many reasons.  Most of all- Thankful that I don't have 6 kids under 6.  Yes, you had done read right.  Kids everywhere.  I was losing control and I didn't even have to birth them.  And I love kids.  These were just out of control.  Crying, wanting food, wanting to be held, needing to go to the bathroom, asking 1 million questions.  Plus she was homeschooling them.  I would have to send mine to 1 year old kindergarten.  I just felt awful for the baby momma.  I mean, I think she was my age even. I saw no escape for her.    As I slammed the door behind me, I felt like I was leaving a wounded soldier behind.  Trapped in the house with the little people.  Better her than me.  I still have a life to live. FREEDOM!  So today I am thankful to not be responsible for six other little tiny people.  Amen. 

Welcome to September my friends.  It's my birth month.  Things are gonna get cray cray.

Make good choices,

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