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Monday, July 16, 2012

Wet One

Well, we made it safely to and back from Cove Creek.  It was a wet one to say the least.  We got to Cove Creek a bit later than planned on Friday night...  After a small delay in a very depressing town in Spartanburg...  We pulled up to camp around 9 pm in the pouring rain.  Thank God the men put my tent up... It was fun just hanging out doing nothing, eating good food, drinking margaritas, talking, jamming with Sonny D and trying out the Eno.  The Eno freaked me out for the first hour.  I was petrified to lay in it.  Now I love it.  It stormed all through the first night.  I woke up with several little puddles in my trusty tent...  Along with some nice daddy long legs (sick).  
The hammock of death/love
The Compound
My sweet lil home
White Lightning did great on the trip
No comment
Swaggin wagon
 Awesome Diner
 The road trip trio
 Worth the trip
 Come at me
 The road trip home was oh so adventurous....
I then proceeded to sing... "All by myself...." Sike.  I'm just training myself for my epic road trip which is going down in 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'll be..."All by myself..."

Peace out.

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