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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Well Hello

Hello my friends.  Sorry I have been on a little sabbattical of sorts.  I can't wait to tell you about 4th of July and other happenings, but my hard drive is full, thus I can't upload any pics at the moment...  So I will have to take a rain check on that one. 

I have been busy and stressed.  Many happenings are happening.  Stephen and Ryan are getting hitched this weekend. Man am I pumped.  I have been awesomely busy at work which is good.  I have also been planning my epic road trip that is happening in less than 20 DAYS!!!!!  I am so excited and slightly nervous.  I think it's going to be pretty stellar.  White lightning (my new ride) and I are going to become the best of friends... Where am I going?  No biggie, but I'm going about 6,000 miles round trip.....  Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Big Sky, Glacier, Whie Fish, Badlands National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Nashville, Memphis, Kansas, and Greenville:)  I have never taken my own trip and I am pretty pumped. My dear pal Emily Jones will be joining me for the Western leg and hopefully I have a good friend joining for the back leg.  Its all still in the works.  So if you haven't heard form me- that is why.  I was also down for the count the last 2 weeks with my horendous summer cold, my nice fall into the mud and work. 

Here's a little tip.  Yesterday I discovered something really good.  Clementine Vodka plus Fresca.  Just throwing that out there.  Delightful little summer drink.  Yesterday was truly awesome.  I got to lounge on the dock with lovely people, sipping my summer drink, eating yummy food and getting my float on.  Glorious.  God Bless America:)

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  1. Love and miss u. Enjoy that trip. I have done it and it is awesome. Lets get up when u return. Baby girl will b here and old enough for me to get social again. Mandy