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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh the Places I went..

 I left Mt. Perfect 
I found Logan in Greenville
 Also got to meet Sutton Shook!
 Found a place to live in Gvegas (if ever needed)
 So cute..
 I met Megan's sweet momma for breakfast:)
 I left Gvegas and pit stopped in Flat Rock
 I then pushed on to Nashville!!  I rode through Vandy.  So pretty.
 Stephen directed me to the Honky Tonks
 Where I found an Elvis store.  I bought my first momento.  Elvis Mug?  Check!
 Went to hang with my girl T Swift
 My audio book stopped working....
And now I'm in Indiana.  I have many videos, but they won't load....
Tomorrow I'm off to St. Louis and Kansas City....Feel free to call...

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