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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Sayre Wedding

Oh man, it was a good one.  Stephen and Ryan got married on Saturday night.  It was really sweet and beautiful.  I got to read and play music with Johnny and the delightful Lulie Wallace.  It was cool to get to watch the wedding from our angle.  It hit me when Ryan was coming down the aisle(she looked like a dang model) and I have seriously never seen Stephen smile so big.  It was awesome.  I love seeing my friends 100% happy.  Plus I got to finally meet the rest of the Sayre fam- Love them:) I felt such a cool peace about it.  I took some pics at the rehearsal dinner and like 2 pics at the wedding... fail.  Oh well.  Next time..
And here are some from the wedding day.  Failed on documenting the day...

 Scored a wedding bun
I'm currently watching Taken by myself.  Why do I do this??  I have seen this move so many times.  And it scares the junk out of me....  I wish FNL was on...

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  1. COME OVER TO MY CASA what the heck do you think I am watching by myself like a total loser while my husband is out of town? P.S. Riggins is kinda an a-hole start of 2nd season but I'm still swooning.