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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Team Shirley & The Goat

This is a 2 part post.  It's a tough one for me to write, so if you would rather push on- no harm no foul.  It's been quite a while since I last wrote, but I didn't know how or what to write.  First of all, thank you to all of you who have been praying for team Shirley.  It truly means a lot.  As most of you know, Mrs. Shirley passed away last Sunday.  It still really doesn't seem real, but I don't want to focus on that part of it.  I would like to focus on how Mrs. Shirley was a blessing in my life (and I only had the privilege of knowing her for 10 short years).  I met Shirlz sophomore year of high school.  I felt like I had known her longer though because her lil princess of a daughter is her exact replica.  In my humble opinion.  Shirlz was a very important part of the formation of the Charleston Chicks. (Charleston Chicks is our friend group from Wando).  Shirlz was always on her A game when we would come over.  Snacks, laughter and good talks.  She made you feel like one of the family as soon as you set foot in her house.  Always had a ginormous jar of candy on the kitchen so I always voted to go to Beth's house.  We would stay up so late filming these ding a ling home movies, hilariously laughing.  Shirlz would pop her head in just to check on us.  Side note- Shirlz had the most beautiful skin that I have ever seen.  Something that her and Beth did for us every year was host the annual Charleston Chicks Christmas dinner.  This ain't no back home affair people.  Shirlz went ALL out.  You knew you were going to enter a themed dinner and leave with a prize... My kind of party.  Need a visual?
 I mean, look at this table.  I would have gone for pizza on paper plates.  No way Shirlz would let that happen.  She knew how to throw a party.  Plus we got to keep the glasses that she painted.
Then she would have us take a group picture.  Which I always complained about, yet secretly loved..  Shirley is an honorary member of the Charleston Chicks forever.  I seriously think she was one of the driving forces that kept us together.  Her daughter, Beth is one of the best people that I know.  She is lil Shirlz.  I love it.  Same mannerisms, same sayings, and the same lil tude.  Beth has truly walked out something that I do not know if I could have.  I am amazed that I have a friend that can do something like that.  Hold up, I would like to share my favorite Charleston Chicks photo:
Lets fast forward.  Mrs. Shirley got sick and Beth came home to love her and take care of her.  Here is where I have been the most changed.  This past week, I was lucky enough to get to spend time with the whole family.  I never would have thought that a week in the hospital waiting room would change my life.  But it did.  I have known Beth's family for a while, but I have truly come to love them in a whole different way.  Shirley raised up a hell of a family.  Every day I got to hang out with them and they welcomed me like I was one of them.  They kept saying thanks for coming, but I never wanted to leave because I loved just being with them.  Aunt Sharon and Wo Wo are incredible.  The way they loved their sister and her children and her children's children is a high witness to me.  Then you throw in Beth's uncles and it's just a huge bundle of love and good people.  They even let me go back and see Mrs. Shirley.  I had one little mishap in the ICU, but all was well.  I got to see her one more time after that.  I am so thankful that they were so generous to let me see her.  Sitting there everyday and watching them just love each other has given me a whole new perspective on a lot of things.  They are real and I love that about them.  That's all I know how to say right now.  I love you Shirlz.

Part 2.
Yesterday.  Most scariest, embarrassing, painful, and traumatizing moment ever.  (Sharon if you read this- do not cry.) (I'm laughing now).  Yesterday I got invited to go over to the famous Goat Island to hang with Beth's family (even though Beth was chilling with her fiance in the concrete jungle).  Naturally I felt cool and went anyways.  Uncle Calvin comes across and picks me up.  Sadly I had tried to arrange a lil jaunt across with 4 cute fisher boys, but Wo Wo wasn't picking up what I was putting down (wink wink).  I make my arrival.  Perfect timing because it was time to go up and have some delicious food.  As always.  Calvin literally had just told me how the dock had shifted on him a while back and he had almost gone in.  Hello?  Why did I think nothing of it.  I grab the wheat thins to lighten  Calvin's load.  Then I jump ahead of the g ma (I was trying to make a quick trip) I literally took a 1/2 step from the pier head to the walk way.  Hit the edge of a rotten piece and down goes Sass.  I don't even know what happened.  All I know is that when I closed my eyes I was on the dock.  When I opened them again, I was splattered in the mud.  10ft down and surrounded by oysters.  And in a lil bit of pain.  Wheat thins still in hand.  Need a visual?
It took me a solid minute or two to realize what had happened.  I wasn't sure if I was paralyzed or cut or what.  In all seriousness, I waited to move my legs for a solid amount of time because I was petrified that they weren't going to work.  But, then I realized one of my chacos was down for the count.  I was so traumatized it's the only thing that I could focus on.  So, like an idiot I decided to dig about 3 ft down into the pluff mud to get my damn shoe.  Meanwhile, on the dock people are yelling for help, yelling at me not to move etc.  Thank the good lord Sharon and Nivia were not on the dock at the time.  I think that would have just sent me or them into cardiac arrest.  So after the dig, I was covered in pluff mud.  I smelled great let me tell you.  I was so covered in mud that I couldn't tell whether or not I was going to be bleeding out or not.  The men rigged a way for me to climb out. They also salvaged my eye glasses, my book bag, my iPhone and my good camera.  I somehow pulled my self up the ladder and stood in all of my dainty glory on the dock.  That was now separated from the pier head.  oops.  Apparently the whole family has been campaigning for Paw Paw to build a new dock.  Apparently, its in bad shape.  Well, I am the sacrificial lamb that has now confirmed it. You're welcome.  Merry Christmas.  Best part is that while I was down in the gallows of my shame and despair- the Gma is yelling down at me how thankful she is that it was me and not her.  (No disrespect meant here).  You're welcome too.  Glad I could be of service.  Calvin helped to drag me across the yard.  My pants are now falling down because that are full of pluff mud and weigh an extra 10 lbs.  I could tell Calvin was undone.  Meanwhile, I was trying to keep my cool.  Hardest I have ever tried to not cry.  I mean, if you are going to plummet into the mud, you must come out looking like a bad ass right?  While I let the neighbor that I didn't know hose me down and basically get to first base (if you know me- you know that I don't like to be touched...)  Then I see Calvin haul booty down the road.  Then I realized oh crap.  There is aunt Sharon and Nivia.  Uh oh.  5 minutes later, there they are.  Sharon's already crying before she gets to me.  I don't know how I didn't break down.  I just can't handle it with aunt Sharon cries.  I felt so good when her and nurse nivs got there.  Poor Wo Wo was stranded on the other end of the dock with the gma and no food.  Somehow in the time that I was hosed off, the men completely fixed the dock.  (Maybe we could have done that a long time ago....)  They got me inside, showered and then continued to wait on me hand and foot.  I could have gotten used to that....  I luckily came out of it with a few nappy cuts and a pretty sore knee. Got another visual..
 I'm rocking a sweet lil limp. It didn't hit me until last night, just how lucky I am.  I could have landed completely on an oyster bed or broken my neck or broken my leg.  It could have been so much worse.  I can't even talk about it without tearing up.  I am so so glad it was me that went over though and not someone else.  It could have been so bad.  Last night we all sat around on the dock laughing and semi crying.  I realized that out of all of this, Shirley blessed me with something unexpected.  I feel like I gained a whole nother lil family of friends.  I truly feel so loved by them.  The whole time I thought that I was loving them, but they are loving me.  I feel like I have known them forever.  I am truly honored to get to be a part of team Shirley.  They secretly have to love me now too because I think they finally get to get a new dock.  I guess it was the least I could do....  That being said, I love all of team Shirley forever:)

Love ya long time,
SRS (the gimp)

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  1. I am laughing so hard and crying a bit, too. You are hysterical. Love you very much. Glad you have been a part of my life, the Joynerfam and the Trinity. Love, Cozy