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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Engagement Festivus with the Bestofus

Sorry.  I just made that title up.  Dumb, but I think I shall keep it. Last night was Logan & Mark's engagement party. I think fun was had by all.  I love when all of my old friends/friend's parents get together.  It's hilarious.  Here are some of my favorite shots:
 show me xmas pose...
 With the groom..
 Kind of love this one..
Betty the M.O.H. @ her finest..
After the party, Betsy, Leigh and Clay peer pressured me into going downtown.  Now I haven't been downtown since like 1959 or 2009ish.  It was hilarious.  Never have I felt so old.  Which is totally unfair because everywhere we went tons of kids that I know, that are no where near 21 were all up in the bars. Therefore, I felt old.  Not cool.  Any who, it was hilarious.

That's all I've got:)

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  1. Love this pics!! Will you email me them? PS- look at me go- Im blogging - miracles happen everyday -Leigh