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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Into the wild

It was survival of the fittest.  Lives were at stake.  Extreme risks were being taken.  Danger was all around.  Okay, okay.  Not so much.  This weekend I went to Cove Creek, which is up in Brevard in Pisgah.  Not too extreme, sorry I was being dramatic.  It's a St. Andrews camping trip.  Except its not exactly backwoods camping.  More like, pack up your belongings in Mt. Pleasant and then drive them 4.5 hours north and then unpack them.  If you spoke to me on Fri last week, don't be confused.  I did say that I was not going.  I think I had my worst bout ever of indecisiveness last week.  I lost all ability to make decisions.  Plus I am not exactly a happy camper.  I like my bed.  Man am I glad I decided to head north.  I had so much fun.  My views on camping have changed just a hair.  Having a tent that you can stand up in totally changes the game.  I felt like my tent was the Taj Mahal.  Much better than last years midget tent. See:
I thought it was kinda cute.  Of course the guitar, drum, teddy grams and disco ball had to make the trip.  I had the best air mattress.  I slept so well.  My company was amazing.  Love them people on the lower meadow.  The food was stellar.  The lower meadow roasted a pig all day long and there was a lower/upper meadow BBQ.  We had an awesome jam session several times.  Georgia and I started the inaugural Cove Creek LM Dance Party.  I think it was a success if I do say so myself.  Some of the best moves I've seen in a while.  We started with 2 people and ended with most of the lower meadow.  We sweated so much that we had to go night time sliding down sliding rock.  Never ever has freezing water felt so good...Then last night we had an amazing camp fire.  Best s'more I have ever downed thanks to Cain Compton.  That boy can roast a mallow like none other.
We sat around the camp fire singing most every popular Motown song and some eminem...  Then had a marsh mallow war which I did not enjoy because some nasty ones ended up in my know who you are...At about 1 am I headed back to my tent to do some late night reading and got the disco ball going..  Some think its weird, I personally enjoy it.
 The weekend was pretty awesome.  Well except at the very end.  Literally, 5 min after we started breaking things down to pack up- the sky fell.  Rain was pouring.  We got soaked.  Our stuff got soaked.  Our dry clothes were already packed...You know how the story goes.  I didn't look my best..
Oh well.  We can't have everything...  Hope y'all had a good weekend.  I can't wait for next year!


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