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Thursday, July 21, 2011


has frozen over.  Yes.  I am now a Belieber.  A belieber is one who likes/loves Justin Bieber.   I am now a convert.  Do not judge.  I used to be anti.  Now I am a fan.  Seriously, this kid has a cool story.  I just watched his movie.  Did I cry?  Kind of (I am having stoppage in that department).  I welled up though.  Is he a good kid?  So far so good.  He can play the drums and guitar really well.  Seriously.  And the boy can dance.  I can't believe I am a fan now.  I love his whole little crews plus I have a huge crush on his manager, scooter.  This is bad, I  know.  I guess it could be worse.....


  1. Just think ahead to him at 40, bald and fat on Celebrity Rehab, that will cure the fever...

  2. I am right there with you Sass! Made me a fan as well :).

  3. I have Beiber Fever as well...and it came a few months ago when Harrison told me he wanted to dance with me to the Baby song. And I saw him on Ellen.