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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Evil Twin

By now, you are tired of hearing me moan about transition, but clearly you have kept reading.  Well sorry.  I have a case of stage 3 transitionitis, but I'm figuring out how to cope.  Guess what??  I want you to meet a new friend.  It just do happens to be my girl Transition's evil twin sister, "The Unknown."  You may have already met her.  She is a real you know what.... Always rearing her head and getting all up in my business.  Yeah, she is a thorn in my side all right.  She makes you 2nd guess, question the future, wonder about things that shouldn't bother you, injects some insecurity and just is a real party pooper.   She can get under your skin real quick people.  So watch out.  Well, I'm a bit tired of Transition and Unkown so I think I am defriending them for a while.  Peace out. 

I know you may now think I am crazy because I talk about this junk in a weird way, but it makes me laugh.  What's better than cracking you own self up??  Nothing. 

I'm ditching the evil twin sisters and heading to Pawley's.  Thank God.  Peace out.

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