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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Camper

I returned from Pawley's on Sunday night and headed out to Camp St. Christopher on Monday morning to counsel during senior session.  I was pretty excited because I had never actually been there during camp.  Plus Sarah W.,  Jessica "I love Camp" Compton and Mary Crawford were also out there working.  Loved being with them.  It was awesome besides it being hotter than hell.  Seriously, I have never been that hot in my entire 25 years of existence.  I drank more water than I could even imagine.  It was like a sweat fest (gross, I know.  Sorry).  I was laughing at my self the whole time though.  I felt so old because all of the other counselors were lil baby college kids.  Everyone kept asking where I went to school.  Sadly, I told them that I outgrew college.    I also felt super insecure.  Here is why.  Before meal time, you go to the dining hall and sit at a table.  Then they let the animals kids in for feeding.  They file in and sit wherever.  Well when they all start bypassing you, you begin to feel sorry for yourself...haha.  Then Georgia Compton pops out of nowhere and saves the day.  Here are a few pics from camp:
 capture the flag
 MaryCrawford.  Rockin it
 Mi abode
 I have some sad news to report.  Uncle Chick (You may have met him in the Easter post), has passed away.  Uncle Chick is my dad's dad's brother.  He was very quirky and a little different, but he was brilliant.  Seriously.  He went to Harvard back in the olden days.  I used to drive him a lot of places and he has bestowed upon me some good info.  We talked talked Charleston, baseball, politics and war.  He told me about Edisto and about growing up.  He was a cool dude.  He did happen to wear a wool jacket every day of his life the past 20 years (even in the summer), but he liked it.  He liked peanut butter and chocolate.  I am sorry to say goodbye to Chick, because he was special.  A rare breed.  Straight old school Charlestonian.  Plus, I never got to meet my grandfather and he was a piece of him.  I wish I had some cool pics to show you, but all I have are these:
 These pics crack me up to the extreme.  Awkward family photo potential??

Anyways, that's all I've got for now.


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  1. I love the picture of me in mid asthma attack. And I am sad you had to leave camp early (but I know you aren't... haha)!