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Monday, October 1, 2012

Mud Butt

That's my new self proclaimed nickname.  Let me lay it on down. Last week I get a text.  From one of my favorite people.  Ben Johnston.  He asks me if I want to go fly fish with him.  Is that even a question?  I've only been strongly suggesting it every time I see him.  (He's about to have a kid so I am only helping him get used to being asked a lot of questions.  frequently.)  The long awaited evening comes.  I was actually quite nervous.  What if my cast stinks?  What if I spaz out? (total possibility) What if I sink in the mud?  I mean I have had a close call (Laurie Bates???) These are all valid concerns.  I also do not have the cool fly fishing attire... So I was a little insecure.  I was rocking some old soccer shorts and tennis shoes.  I'm going to have to up my game in this department.  We walked out on to the flat and it was BEAUTIFUL.  I am so going back like a million times.  We trek it across the mud and make it to our spot.  Not too long after we began to see some redfish tailing.  I got a little over excited.  After like 45 failed casts I finally got my marbles together and started trying to catch those suckers.  We were out there for a beautimous sunset.  I managed to stay pretty calm and it was going quite smoothly.  Until the end.  Just when we are getting ready to leave (at this point I'm quite proud of myself) I busted my behonkus like none other.  I went to move to Ben's spot and I didn't realize one foot was stuck in the mud.  My friends, Humpty dumpty fell off the wall.  Into a ginormous mud puddle.  There is just no dainty way to do it.  I had a stage 10 butt flop.  And I may have died laughing.  Thank God I like to laugh.  It could have been so bad.  Ben, being the nice person that he is, held his laughter in.  I mean, I was a bit embarrassed at this point.  I was soaked.  And smelled like pluff mud.  Rank.   He helped me out of my sink hole and we made our journey back to solid ground. I am going to go back and just practice walking out there....  So there you have it.  My gracefulness is needing a little bit of improvement...

Mud Butt. 

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  1. Witness! I've said it before and I'll say it again ... please do not go out there alone! That pluff is dangerous!