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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My ideal

The resolutions post will need to wait and make it's debut tomorrow.  I'm too tired to make promises tonight.  Last night for New Year's Eve I stayed up wayyyy wayyyy too late (with delightful company) and slept in till 11:30 (a first for me), but it was totally worth it.  I went to Edisto on Friday and it was 100% gloriousness.  Here is why:
 I got to spend time with these guys
 While shooting guns
 Which I love (in a non redneck way)
 I decided to play air guitar with the skeet thrower.. (we all have our own creative outlets..right?)
 While gramps Dupre was getting his throw on
 And then there were more guns..
 And then there was a four wheeler in which we wore out
 We returned home to eat millions of delicious oysters.  But nothing would have prepared me for this:
 The DuPre's got Xbox Kinect form Santa.  With some high tech dance game.  NO COMMENT. 
 It records you...
 The dance master
And his apprentice... 
All in all, it was pretty stellar.  Guns, four wheelers, oysters, dance parties and good company is as good as it gets.  Plus, I got to spend some of the day here:

Welcome to 2k12 friends.  Let's make it count!

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