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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


*I saw Crazy, Stupid Love yesterday.  I loved it.  100%

*I am addicted to a very stupid game.  Temple Run.  However, I have found that I only truly enjoy playing against nightmere and lil clayton jr.  It's way more fun when the competitiveness is oozing.  I also was very excited to play it at work today.  Only to find out that somehow my itouch battery is dead after charging all night!!  What to do what do?  It's killing me.  This is truly the only reason I want an iPhone.  And all the cool people have them... ha ha.  Oh, you don't have an iPhone? #youcan'tsitwithus

*I love Mozzo.  All the time.

*I became a legit adult today.  Yes, it is true.  I opened an IRA.  Yes.  I guess there is no going back now...

*I am still addicted to Pinterest.  An no, I have not actually made anything yet. 

*Please click on the link to your right to entertain yourself (

*My ear is getting re-pierced on Fri.  I'm scared.  Don't make me go....

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