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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who would have thought

Progress.  Has been made.  Dare I say that my fashion life has taken a turn for the better.  Progress has been made.  Yesterday, I decided that I needed some therapy.  Retail therapy that is.  I finally bit the bullet and decided that it was time to invest in some boots.  I had been looking for a year (it takes me a while to commit) at cowboy boots.  So I decided to pop into the Boot jack while at the office yesterday.  I immediately went to the frye boots, but they only went to size 10.  Bummer.  I found a beautiful pair of tall brown ones that I liked.  I didn't not realize how insecure and unconfident my shopping skills were until it was go time.  I had to call 2 separate people to get their opinions.  I also made the poor young boy who worked there look at them form all angles...  I finally decided to just go for it.  Not going to lie- I was pretty excited.  I need to do this more often...  Oh my poor debit card.. Now I just need some cool and trendy boot socks to go with them.  I also need someone to teach me boot etiquette.  I then went to get Biz's bachelorette present.  Another traumatizing ten minutes of my life taken from me.   Then I headed home.  I must have tried on 5 different pairs of pants to match the boots.  Poor Betsy.  I went into her room a whole lot for her fashion wisdom.. Sorry Betty.  I finally decided to take a chance.  I bought a new pair of dark sassy jeans last year.  Well they didn't exactly fit (I'm sure you want to hear this..) so I through them into the back of the closet.  Well, I put them on and BOOM!  They fit.  They were a lil tight, but I got em on.   (Thanks to morning walks and no cokes) Not gonna lie- they looked purdy good.  Sassy Sarah was ready to roll to Biz's bachelorette.  It's amazing what I new outfit will do to one's confidence.

The bachelorette party:
Long story short- we ate, had the shower, laughed and the limo picked us up at 10pm.  Louis was our driver.  And protector.  And crosswalk supervisor.  I think he saved my life on 3 separate accounts last night.  I had a tendency to pop out of the limo into the open road.  Sorry.  We were on a bachelorette scavenger hunt that Rosemary jr invented.  It was pretty awesome.  We went lots of places.  Did lots of things and took many a picture.  Saw Caleb and Rob out for Caleb's bday.  Lil triangle of trust session at the Dollar.  We had tasks to complete at each stop.  The new boots definitely enriched my dance moves.  I mean, I now I have some rhythm, but the boots have changed my life. And maybe the jeans.  I was dancing up a storm.  Halfway through the hunt I decided that it would be more fun to pretend I was lady Ga Ga.  Normal right?  I also got to control the limo music.  We sang 5 o'clock in morning multiple times along with some Rihanna.  So classy.  3 hours later, I was dragging my self up and down Charleston, counting the minutes until it was over.  I felt like I was on the amazing race.  My energy and charisma had been depleted.  So fun though.  I did make one very terrible mistake last night.  One of the tasks was to have an oyster shooter at pearlz.  So gross.  If someone ever offers you one- RUN.  I have had one before, but this one was blah.  Its a drink with a raw oyster in it.  They say to swallow the thing whole, so I tried.  But it was so gross that I thought I was going to choke.  Then I had to chew it- in order to not die.  Terrible mistake.  After that- I posted up in the limo.  Never to regain my strength.  We headed home for some late night pizza, candy hearts and a wicked dance party.  I put on my polar bear pjs and my boots and rocked it.  All in all- I'd say it was a SUCCESS!!!!!  I can't wait for the wedding:)

these boots were made for dancing,

Betty Bridesmaid


  1. I want to see a picture of these boots!

  2. I'm with Mandy. Where's the pic?

  3. i don't even care about the boots. i just want a picture of your hot ass in those jeans!

    **also, i originally spelled "boots" with a "p." prolly should have left it