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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fight Club: Holiday Recap

You've heard me talk about it before.  I get to lead the most stellar small group out there.  Fight Club.  Last night was our first meeting since before the holidays.  So naturally, we re-convened at Senor Tequilas.  Our homeland.  It's bad.  Ponchito (our main waiter) knows us too well.  He also pops a paper bag to scare us every single Wednesday night.  Terrifies me every dang time.  Every single time we meet, I most likely die laughing at something.  Or someone.  (That's prolly not good)  Well I laughed a lot last night.  Here are some of last night's high lights.  I can't remember half of the things that were said, but here goes (they shall remain anonymous for reputation protection)

*French fries were ordered at Senor Tequilas
*Someone got peed by a dog on their vacay...
*I have never ever ever seen anyone so excited to go on a Key Club trip.  This could be my favorite part of the night.  Only because this person was so giddy.  Never seen her in that state before.  Love it.
*"You don't care? So you are just going to sit in it?"
*"My low of the break?  Well, Sarah Sass forgot my birthday.  When she saw me.  On my birthday."
*"I gave her a dirty look."
*"Maybe it wasn't that mean to her face, but I was definitely mean behind her back." (This is my other favorite comment)
*"First pistol whip victim.  Done."
*"I mean, if y'all want to take them down, I'm in.  But I can only be the getaway driver because I will go to jail. I'm too old."
*"I can't get rid of him.  He just won't leave me alone. For real."
*She's the nice one and apparently I'm the bratty one."
*"My mom says we are like Mutt and Jeff" (Another fav)
*"She's Cliqueolicious"

I'm probably supposed to proactively nip most of these comments in the bud pretty fast, but I'll be honest.  Didn't happen.  They are too hilarious.  And I love our group.  #gettinreal.


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