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Friday, January 13, 2012

Presidential Swag

Last night, the Clayton Clan and I headed over to the Mostellers for a Rick Santorum meet and greet.  I really did not know much about him.  At all.  I am just hoping we can all unite and pick someone (with no sketchy skeletons in the closet) who can win this thing.  Is that too much to ask??  Ha.  I will say this- I was pleasantly surprised by this guy.  Seemed like a really really nice guy.  3 of his 7 (whoa) kids were there too.  He talked about his faith a lot. He also talked about being the under dog and running a clean race which was exactly what my dad did.  So he has definitely earned some respect from this side of the fence.  He even asked Mere and I if we wanted a picture with him.  This is after he caught us singing "We are the world, we are the children."  Normally, people would prolly be very disturbed.  Bonus- Padre got to meet the Claytons. Mere and I roamed around all night.  I almost caused a problem, but Mere coaxed the mammoth cat (that I accidentally let out while we were roaming through the Mosteller's house) back into the room.  I was way to scared to touch it.  All in all it was a funny experience.

Lots of things going on, but I am way too tired to write about them.  Plus, I think I have a small dose of writer's block.  Hopefully it will pass.  And hopefully I can do more of this

So happy Friday friends! 

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