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Monday, January 23, 2012

G Money

So, I don't have biological brothers, but I do have some good non blood related stand ins.  One happens to be G Money Dupre.  He may not feel the same (but I bet he does), but he is like my little bro.  So is Hambone.  Any who, last weekend was the winter formal and he manned up and asked someone to go with him.  I was both 100% shocked and 100% proud.  Plus 25% a bit sad that he's officially growing up. Sorry, I know that does not mathematically make sense, but who is counting here.  So of course I had to go over there and take some awkward pics...  I have to say- homeboy was looking very good.
 Lucky guy getting to hang with these girls:)

Oh, the times they are a changing.  I'm getting old...


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  1. Thanks, Sass, loved the posting. (G Money???)
    Memom B