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Friday, December 30, 2011

Peace out 2K11

Before we get started:  I'm waiting for my car to get fixed bc it decided to run super hot yesterday as soon as I got out of West Ashley headed to Edisto with my car packed and ready to 4 wheel and shoot some skeet... typical.  Also, last night at around 1am, some drunkard high school boys wrecked into the yard in front of ours.  I got to talk to the cops.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking, I am a badass.  Maybe not.  Here we go.

2011.  It has been a year.  I feel like it has been a jam packed year of good and bad.  Ugly. Pretty.  Here is a little recap in my eyes.

*Betty Bridesmaid worked it pretty hard as a MOH.  She's pretty cool if I do say so myself.  I thought she was retired now, but she's now working on her re-entry
*The job wasn't nearly as bad as last year
*Almost all of my best friends got married or are engaged to be married.  Since I've lost them to marriage, I sure wish that they would go ahead and have babies so I have someone to hang out with.
*Logan got married
*Biz is engaged
*Stephen is engaged
*I am not engaged, but don't get hung up on technicalities.
*Lili has a boyfriend.  A legit, real life, serious bf.  We have come full circle here people
*In July I retired as a youth/small group leader.
*In August...I became a youth/small group leader
*I got my hair braided (full circle once again)
*I liked a bridesmaid dress.  I'm a bit concerned
*I started to finish the book I started writing in college.
*I then decided to quit it and start over.  Bye bye 147 pages
*I decided to love fly fishing.  And everything about it
*I took some pictures.  And liked them.  That's a first
*I made some new friends.  This is a plus.  Both young and old.
*We started non year team Tuesday and it is one of my favorite events of the week.  Just call me Blanche please
*I actually made up a routine and stuck to it.  For the most part
*Got some new role models. You know, to keep me on my toes
*Transition came back to bite me in the arse.  She's a mean one I tell ya.  We will never be friends
*Transition's, bratty and disgruntled twin sister, Unknown, also made an appearance.  She's not fun to spend any time with either.
*I became friends with healing prayer... ah ha.
*I discovered my hate for rompers.  And fake glasses.
*I became a hair more prissy.  Moving mountains people.
*Got to the lead the best small group on this side of the hemisphere.  I think statistics would say the universe.
*I have crack cookies in my possession (not illegal drugs FYI)
*I began learning the bass.  I still only like to play Ice Ice Baby
*Went to a Taylor Swift concert.  No comment
*Pinterest. has. taken. over. my. daily. routine. and. gets. my. hopes. up.
*I got a twitter.  I know.  Sell out.
*Started liking strings music.  Cool people do it.  Right?

I feel like that pretty much sums up a lot of my year.  I know I am leaving things out, but I'm tired.  And ready for my car to get fixed.  Hurry up....  Resolutions are coming on the next post.  Hopefully.

Make good choices,


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