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Sunday, December 18, 2011


I went to the Charleston Chick ornament exchange.  I then proceeded to Ginny Sass' Christmas lunch.  Yum yum in the tum tum.  Next was a pretty sweet photo shoot sesh, but I will post on that later.  I then ventured out to the Senf's.  Here is what went down:
I happened upon this stellar sunset 
Next, there was the kitten.  Now you know I am petrified of cats, but I survived.  We were waiting for Al to get home so she could be surprised.  It was actually really sweet.  The cat is in this box
 Poor Ed.  He kind of got the shaft
 Al came in to find college sister home
 Then opened the box
 Began to freak out (I began to tear up)
 I think she is tearing up
 Here she is with the kitten named baby Sass.  Ok, fine.  Lilly
 The I beat a path to McClellanville.  For a party/oyster roast hosted by these fine people
 Where Robbie told stories and gave nutrition advice...
 But I love him:)  And he is hilarious.  
So that was my Saturday.  Today is Herb's Birthday.  It was really yesterday, but we had to delay it to today.  HAPPY BDAY HERB!!

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