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Monday, August 8, 2011

On being a bad *ss

Sometimes I will be riding in my car.  Listening to stellar music.  Feeling pretty good.  About myself and other random things.  If the mood is right, then I can feel pretty bad a.. Then some dingle dong does something dumb such as: swerving in front of me, cutting me off or making me get the tank off of cruise control.  Now in my everyday habitat I am usually pretty conservative, nice, cordial and caring. (sorry to toot my own horn there..)  But when someone wrongs me on the road... it can get dirty.  On the road I feel like I can do whatever i want... maybe bc no one is watching.  So sometimes if they make me really, really mad I may give them the finger (only on special occasions), but only if they aren't looking at me because if they saw it I would feel absolutely terrible.  I know. I'm sorry.  Its bad.  I usually say something mean to them even though they have no idea.  So today that happened.  After I gave them the sign, which they weren't even looking at me, I started feeling pretty good about myself..  I'm sure there is something really wrong with that.  Then I realized that my front windows are pretty tinted and even if they wanted to see, there is no way they can.  My coolness was instantly deflated on the spot.  All those times I felt cool.  Gone.   the glory days are over...

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