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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Classy Crashers

Last night we kind of crashed a wedding.  Ish.  So I got asked to pick up a bride and groom (whom I don't technically know) in the boat and take them from their reception (all the way on John's Island) to the City Marina.  At 11pm.  It was pretty cool.  Naturally, I got Betsy (the best 1st mate ever) to come along.  We began our cruise at 9:15 pm.  The water was beautiful.  Let me paint you a picture.  We pushed off the dock in perfect conditions.  The water was perfectly calm.  As we meandered out of the creek, all you could here was the boat smoothly cutting through the water and the waves lapping up against the boat.  Our little green navigational lights leading us down the Wando.  Then the bridge was beautiful lit up over the water.  We rounded the battery and then made our way to the Wappoo Cut which is actually quite eerie at 10 pm.  You can barely make out the rocks on each side and just hope to God that you are in the middle.  Besty is also quite skilled at working a q-beam just in case you need some assistance.  It's so cool how you can see in the dark when on the water.  We made our way south to the Island House, where the reception was.  While we waited, we decided to go check the wedding out.  We almost made it to the bar, but then B spotted some people we knew, so we bolted.  No need for awkward conversations... So we watched on the dock.  The DJ was mixin it up nice.  All my favorite booty dancin songs came on.  It's funny watching a wedding reception that you aren't actually in.  Then they lit off all of their sparklers and the bride groom came running down the dock.  Mild panic set in because we weren't sure just how awkward this was about to be.  They hopped in, we made best friends (ok, not besties, but it was fine), we looped around the dock for a photo op and then put the hammer down.  We cruised on back with the bride an groom on the bow.  It was actually a pretty beautiful ride.  We dropped them off at the Marina and headed home.  Once we rounded the battery our final time, I felt this sense of appreciation for where we live.  I mean, we were basically the only people out there.  I felt like it was mine.  And Betty's.  It's so cool how the city lights bounce off of the water and how the Yorktown is just sitting in the Harbor, like its guarding it.  Then there are these two channel markers right under the bridge, guiding you back.  Not to be cheesy, but when we rode through I felt like they were welcoming us back or something.  I know this is weird, but I feel like I could have gotten us back with my eyes closed.  I absolutely love the water at night.  My favorite sound in the world is the boat cutting through the waves and hearing the skim hit the water.  Nothing more soothing.  It was brilliant and I'm glad I had Betty out there to enjoy it.  She is on the same appreciation page as I am.  Sorry to sound cheesy, but it happens.

Yesterday was also Logan's shower.  It was a fiesta:)  Here are a few pics:
My marriage advice note just so happened to say "Get Down on It."  I like to keep it classy...clearly.

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