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Friday, August 26, 2011


Today.  Today has been a lil whack for me.  All of my friends seem to be having a nice relaxing day.  Just chilling because of Irene. I have beautiful dreams of laying around reading, listening to some Mumford and Sons and Ben Rector, with my new Celadon Candle lit... Ain't happening people.  I woke up.  Went walking.  When I left, it wasn't raining.  As soon as I got somewhat far from the house... Downpour.  Then I went to measure a flipping huge house in Wild Dunes.  By myself.  Halfway around the house...  Downpour.  Followed by some serious bombs of bad words coming out of my sweet lil mouth.  Then I go inside.  Slip.  Hit the floor. More bad language. Then, when I think that it could not get worse, I realize that somewhere along my unpleasant way I seemed to have dropped the owner's key.  30 minutes later, in the pouring rain- I found it.  (More words).  Then while heading off of the island I see tons of my lil surfing buds going out to surf.  Every time I saw one of their cars- more words.  Totes Jealous people.  Then I go to J.I.  I had to do a drive by for work.  Got yelled at by some lady who thought I was staking out a house in their hood to rob.  So naturally, I sped off.  She prolly called my license plate in.  Stellar.  Plus, I am a tid bit sad to be missing the Worship Team Retreat.  It was my only shot of ever going to Cheesecake Factory.  Oh Well.  At least some of my all time favorite people are in the 843 for C. Reed's wedding palooza.  It's about to get cray cray up in here.  I would also like to alert the general public that Stephen Sayre in 843.  Thank God.  Now I'm off to North Chuck to measure a house.  Irene, BRING IT.  BOUT TO OPEN A CAN OFF WHOOP SASS ON YOUR YOU KNOW WHAT.


PS- Blink 182 just came on my Pandora.  YES.

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