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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The baby sack

This is weird.  Just warning you now.  Get out while you can.  Last night was my friend Rutledge's bday.  We went to home team.  Will Klauber came.  Not until he sat down did I realize that he was wearing some type of sling/sack.  There was a lil tiny baby in it.  I was immediately fascinated.  I forgot that I was an unmarried/un dating 25 yr old and jumped into "what if I had a lil tiny baby?"  First off, my ultimate dream is to be a stay at home mom when I am older and much more mature.  I could tote that lil baby anywhere in that sack.  On the boat, to the beach, social outings.  She literally just chilled in the sack the whole entire dinner.  In a loud bar.  Perfect.  Just my style.  I mean, it looks pretty cool and trendy if you ask me.

I would rock a cool one like so:

Then I thought about twins.  Oh dear.  Then I got totally grossed out when I saw this:

Twins will be a definite no go.  That pic gives me major heebeejeebees.  Two at once.  All up in your grill.  Ain't happening.   I mean, I could handle one in the little kangaroo pouch, but 2 is a crowd.  And she looks kinda scary.  Sorry this is weird, but I have been thinking about it ... Just planning ahead..   DON'T JUDGE

Get down on it,



  1. THIS. IS. MY. DREAM. (minus the twins....weird).

  2. If you are big up top (you know what I'm talking about), the sling is a no-go. Trust me. I learned from experience. The little nuggets get lost in there.