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Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunscreen & Beer

Sunscreen & beer.  These two items are the key to my heart as of late. True story. (more on this later) So, as you know I have been a little stressed lately.   Yesterday I ended up only having to work in the morning because I finished my work.  I went home and changed into my favorite t-shirt and chacos (this always improves one's mood).  Then I headed out to our huddle lunch, which I thought no one was coming to so I packed a book.  I was then pleasantly surprised when Becky and Susalee showed up.  They are hilarious.  Hands down.  Then we headed to huddle and didn't have to listen to the tapes.  We just talked. Which I always love.  No offense to the tapes....Then I went to get a little sunburned on the Carmody's dock with Logan and Lauren. Things were going pretty good I must say.  But when I pulled into the driveway things got 135% better.  There was a lil present awaiting my arrival-

I was very excited at this point and no one was home so I had to use the self timer....

Seriously.  This is one of the best presents eveerrrrrrr.  Beer, sunscreen, dvd's, pedi, and more.  I almost teared up.  Two almost cries in one day.  I think we are getting closer to the big cry...Do you want to know who the super, cool, awesome, bad *ss, angel person is??  Rebecca Long.  She rocks.  Best neighbor ever.  Now you are probably jealous.  Oh well...

Here's to stress relief,


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