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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Do not read this if you have ever cleaned your house.  Do not read this if you are a neat freak.  Megan Hensley-hit the big red X because this will make you have anxiety.  Actually I change my mind.  If you need inspiration or a kick in the rear to throw out your junk then read this.  If you are becoming a hoarder then read this.  Listen to these words or else this could happen to you:
This is real.  Real scary
This is real.  I just made my way out of it this morning.  Yes, that is a load of junk piled high into a tiny garage.  Yes, I did indeed I felt 100% nauseous and anxiety ridden as soon as I opened the door and had to hack my way into it.  Who knows, there could have been wild animals or wild hoodlums living in the abyss of junk.  I was waiting for the 7 dwarfs to come waddling out.  I actually measured how tall the pile was and it was 51 inches high.  AHHH.  Here is the best part.  The owner was actually following me around (add that to the list of pet peeves) and when we opened the door he never said anything.  In fact, I think he was kind of proud...No warning that the A-bomb was actually tested in his garage.  Nada.  He acted completely normal.  As you probably know, I tend to express myself with facial expressions.  I can't even imagine the horrified look on my face.   Luckily I changed to my standard everything is fine, but I'm freaking out inside look.  No worries, just another day in the life off an appraiser....

*Just to update you, the election was yesterday.  I started sign holding on the side of the road at about 6:45 am and finished at 6 pm.  Luckily I had a surprise visit from an angel/K.M with a lovely slush from the good ole Sonic to get me through the day.  Thank you to those who actually wave or honk and don't give you the death glare and make you feel super self conscious....Here is the good news: Herb Sass has made it to the runoff.  Which means 2 more weeks of standing on the side of the road.  It's time to gather the troops and press on.  (This is me giving myself a pep talk)  I really thing we can do it.  He is the best candidate and I think he can win.  VOTE HERB SASS March 22, 2011.  Run & tell that.  For real.  Tell your people.  Tell them to tell there people.

Catch you later,


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  1. Wow. I think tonight I'm going to put "It's the Hard-Knock Life" on repeat and get to work in my apartment.