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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mysterious man crush...Take 2 (Betty's quest for love vol. 1)

So I am here at Metto.  I decided today was the day that I would actually talk to my potential mysterious man crush.  Maybe talk to is a strong phrase, more like make eye contact or give a solid head nod.  All morning I debated on whether or not to come here.  I changed my outfit twice (which is a huge step for me) I even brushed my hair.  Made sure my outfit matched and brushed my tooth.  I then made the journey over to Metto.  I finally get the courage and guess what?? Mr. Mysterious is MIA.  Go figure.  So there I am, standing at the door, looking defeated.  (Cussing on the inside) I decided I may as well get some iced coffee to repair the hopes and confidence.  While standing there, I realize there are no seats to spare in this place which always puts me in a bad mood.  I go over to the fixin's station for some cream and sugar.  Then this very nice man (who is not as cute as crush #1, but super friendly + he was wearing boots) comes up and says:

"If you are planning to sit a while, you can share my table with me."

Wow.  Now that was nice.  Then we started conversing.  Minutes turned into hours...JUST KIDDING.  Sorry I couldn't help it.  Ha.  He was very nice though and I was super grateful for a seat.  I don't think it was love at first sitting.  Okay now I am dying laughing.  Table sharing man just left and what do you know?  A very nice older man has just asked to share this ol table.  I think I need to re-evaluate the vibes that are being emitted.  He is very nice though.  I would guess he's in the 58-67 age range.  Oh well.

So there you have it.  Betty's first quest for love was not what I would call successful.  Here's to round two.  Hopefully.

Yours truly,
Betty B:)

*I would like to add that I have been sitting here the whole entire time listening to "Have a little faith in me," the John Hiatt/Dawson's Creek version on repeat and it makes me want to cry every single time.  I think it is time to re watch all the Dawson's Creek episodes.  It could do this heart good.


  1. The older ones are the ones with the bucks, marry rich I say.

    Your mom.

  2. Well I don't know if I can go older than mom and dad...But rich would be splendid....

    Your daughter:)

  3. I am totally up for a Dawson's Creek marathon!!! Like the mission, but have some new places I think you should look for love. YOu know, the people who go through YearTeam have a high marriage rate. Just sayin'. Run and tell that!

  4. Pacy, you know, the one who lives with me, thinks this is hilarious. PS...I'm digging the new, Betty's Quest for Love miniseries.

  5. I can't tell you how glad I am you love Dawson's Creek. I wonder if they have DC tour in Wilmington. If not we should start one.

  6. Please do share your places ot find love...Taking all suggestions..JK.

    Mandy- I miss you and you did score a Pacy. Not sure if there are any more around...Ha

    Ryan- I say we go to the creek:)

  7. I miss Betty B, we spent so much time together at the end of the summer and this fall, and I'm pretty sure I'm having withdrawals! Can I came watch Dawson's Creek with Betty B, I mean You? It is one of my all time favs!

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  9. I can give you a tour of the Creek

  10. Maybe YOU'LL be the next to leave the Girl Palace. Oh, and we definitely own lots of Dawson's Creek, just discovered that.

    PS- How the HELL do you score NINE comments on a post?

  11. i am obsessed with you and your very public quest for love. KEEP IT COMING! You have always been and will always been one of my favorite people deserve all the attention you are getting from men of all ages. Love you!