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Friday, March 18, 2011

The End Times

(This is long so you probably don't want to read any further) Cue the flashing lights, the panicked public, wild animals, aliens and the Darth Vador music.  Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic-even for me.  Normally I would never even dare to talk about this out of my own fears and vain imaginings, but I think I have a new perspective.  Let me back up a second.  I never even used to talk about this, much less even think about it.  In fact, my facial expressions alone could have illustrated the feelings of panic that raged inside.  Just ask Biz.  She has seen the look of absolute panic several times-lucky for her:) Before Biz gave me the talk of doom, I honestly hadn't even given it a thought. (Biz, I'm exaggerating- don't get mad) No, I didn't know that I may need survivor skills like Bear,  or a cache of weapons and food. And force fields.  Just kidding.  We didn't really get that serious.  I just panicked a little more than was probably expected, but that is totally normal.  So after the first couple of panics ( I would also like to add that this lil subject is something you kind of have to keep to yourself bc other people will think you are a total freak, so really it was inner panic which is never good for the heart...) I decided I needed to investigate.  It's crazy.  I had never even read any parts of Revelation because it gave me the hebee jebees.  If you know me then you know if I don't talk about it or ignore it, then it just goes away....Ha.  Right....Well I decided to do some investigating.  I didn't get to far because I googled "the end times" and some rather disturbing things came up.  Then I hit images and was traumatized.  So I decided to postpone my research.  That being said- Yesterday I learned a lot.  And I feel good about it.

We had huddle/small group yesterday.  It ended up just being a couple of us.  Which was awesome because it was hilarious.  Well somehow it came up that we should be downing some iodine due to radiation.  And is this the beginning of the end?  This didn't sit well.  I could actually feel the ick feeling coming over me because I had no idea what was going on.  Then someone decided that we needed Steve Wood to come calm us down and actually tell us what's going on and what not.  So I grabbed a Dt. Coke and headed to his office to try and bribe him to come talk to us.. He said he would be there in 5....Once back in the room we kind of realized that we didn't exactly have any concrete questions to ask and he would probably think we were freaks.  So we practiced until he got there.  Here is what I learned:

*Usually talking about the end times invokes fear and panic (true story.  Can I get a witness?)
But, Job said seeing Jesus should invoke jubilation and celebration.  (Word. I am going to go with that one)

*There are several diff area of thought on how it is all going to go down.  Post millenial, pre millenial etc.  Steve is Pan millenial.  Which according to him means that it will all pan out in the end. (That's more my style)

*Repentance.  This was a big one for me.  I always think of it as constantly apologizing etc.  Well actually it should be a posture.  We should be constantly turning toward Christ.  (Good word.  I want to do that)

*Be prepared. (This is where I have to reign all my thoughts in.  Steve gave me a new/reasonable perspective)  He gave us an example, but I can't remember where it was in the Bible.  About a master going away and there is a faithful servant and a lazy servant.  The faithful servant did what his master asked etc and the lazy one didn't.  The good one remained faithful.  That is what we are called to do.  No matter what.  Be faithful in which we live.

*Shine like stars.  In Colossians it says that we shall shine like stars in the darkness (this is a paraphrase-don't quote me.)  The dark is the world.  I mean it's prolly going to get darker, but if we remain faithful we will be a light.  I think that is awesome.

*Timing.  Matthew 24:36.  Jesus didn't even know when it would all happen.  Only the father.  We spend so much time trying to predict all this stuff, but we have NO idea.  That actually makes me feel better.  I just know that I want to be faithful.  I want to abide and press in.  I want to shine like a star (sorry if it sounds cheesy, but its cool).

So I learned a lot.  Here is what I think.  We need to guard our hearts.  There is really only one voice we need to listen to.  In actuality, this is harder than it sounds, but I am giving it a try.  Actually, I hope that for you also.  I am also going to look at things through a new perspective.  I am going to try and see things through Christ's eyes.  I'm thinking that this will definitely be a positive.  I've actually already been completely surprised by some things, but I will save that for another day.

Here's to no panicking and guarding our hearts,



  1. Sarah, you have shined (shone?) like a star from the moment you were born. You are a light in the world.