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Monday, March 28, 2011

Mary Poppins

So I had something rather deep to write, but lucky for you I am too tired.  Don't worry because I am saving it for later.  Also, I am pretty sure that like 78% of my friends are engaged.  They are dropping like flies and it's an epidemic.  Word.  So on Saturday I had a little TLC.  Started with my room, moved to the Girl Palace garage and then onto Optimus Prime.  Opti is my car just in case you were wondering.  I found a rather eclectic group of items.  It kind of reminded me of Mary Poppin's bag.  Here is what I salvaged from the car:
You never know when you may need wine and glazed apricots.  Who doesn't keep a camo ski mask handy??  Some playing cards, some rope, various tools for survival, a J. Crew scarf, a large knife with built in compass, a bandana, skeet thrower, baseball glove, gun case and the Dt. Dew.  These are all necessary for survival in Mt. Perfect right???  Don't worry.  They did not go back into the car.  Well the ski mask did.  As well as the bandana...I decided to take on this lil motto:
Hope you had a good weekend!  Courtney Reed-CONGRATULATIONS on the Bling Bling!!

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