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Friday, March 4, 2011

Mysterious man crush=ABORT MISSION

I'm coming to you live.  I am at Metto right now.  And we have a serious problem.  Mysterious man is here.  In fact he is at a table directly next to me.  We have a minor flaw in the plan.  It has just come to my attention that he is MARRIED!! Ah.  Honest mistake people.  Never once have I seen him wearing bling.  For the love...Betty can not catch a break.  So mission #1 is a FAIL.  Oh well.  On to bigger + better things my friends.  Since the mission is over....I decided to try and sneak a lil phone pic just so I could have some evidence of the so called crush which is now non-existent.  I know this is wrong/stalkerish, but I know you want to see.....If this is anyone's husband- SORRY.  It was just a crush from afar....Don't judge...
Honestly, I am pretty proud of myself for pulling of the stealth like picture.  So there's a positive. But it looks like Betty is going to have to look for love in other places....

On to other news.

Yesterday was a pretty solid day.  I started it with coffee and a dear friend.  She is pretty awesome if you ask me.  Plus she like to shoot guns too and how many of your girl friends like to do that. Then I ended it with one of my other favorite people.  Who doesn't love a good happy hour and good conversation.  She doesn't love guns, but she makes me laugh and can kick my tail....

Now here is my favorite part of the day.  Biz has already noted this on her blog, but I am going to brag on it too.  Two of my favorite people have come up with an absolutely brilliant idea.  It is something that I have even thought about, but had no way of ever making it real.  Matt  & Josh are making it happen.  As you know, I love to hunt and fish. And I like guns. In a totally safe, not weird way (sorry, I felt like I needed to clarify).  I also thoroughly enjoy photography.  Well, when you mix all of those together you get American Drake.  Check it out.  Such an awesome idea.  These aren't just photographs.  They are stories told without words.  This is for people that have a true love of the outdoors.  That love the hunt.  Not just the trophy.  They love the woods, the water, the preparation, the suspense, all the time that goes into it and the tradition.  I really can't wait to see what these guys do.  And I can't wait to see some lady people on there.....So do yourself a favor and check it out.  It's worth your time.  

Run and tell that.

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  1. sass, all the good ones are always married, sorry to hear that