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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Campaign Trail...Are we there yet?

Seriously.  The campaign trail has kicked my tail.  I feel like I am on a car trip that is never ending.  You remember when you were a kid and would ask how far away you were.  Then your parents keep saying, "almost there."  Well, that pretty much explains where I'm at.  Except add some exhaustion, edgy-ness and anxiety.  Yeah.  That's about right.  Don't hear me wrong, this whole experience has been cool.  It has been fun to help dad and to learn a whole lot of new things.  I am so proud of dad.  He is truly the best candidate and I hope he wins:)  His friends and my uncle have gone above and beyond and I can't even begin to tell you how much that has meant to our whole family.  I can't thank them enough.  Everyone has worked so so so so hard in such a short amount of time.  Everyone gave like 245%.   This has truly been a grassroots campaign and it has been awesome.

That being said let me tell you something (time to get real).  Just going to throw it out there people.  I have reached my threshold. I don't think it's just the campaign stuff.  Several things have been accumulating. That's never good... I'm tired and I think I have a mild-to-severe- case of anxiety.  Totally normal.  Right?  I am going to ballpark that I think I have spent like 21 hours standing on the side of the road waving at strangers that just stare back at me...I did have some lovely roadside companions, but I was a lone ranger for a lot of it.  While standing on the side of the road you have some good quality time with yourself.  Too much quality time.  Let's see, I thought about a lot of things.  Like how I used to have a crush on David Justice and Chipper Jones and every single member of 98 Degrees (don't judge), in the 5th grade I thought that I would marry Prince William by the time I turned 20, how I could have gotten away with a whole lot more in high school if I hadn't been such a ginormous chicken and why don't we have a Krystals in Mt. Perfect anymore?  See what happens when my mind wanders...I also saw way too many tweens driving luxury cars.  I counted 20 cars yesterday and 13 were texting and driving.  I mean at least try and hide it people.  C'mon.  I thought about how I used to laugh at people standing on the side of the road.  We sure have come full circle haven't we?  I also thought of how hardly anyone votes.  I just don't get it. People fight for our rights and then we don't even use them...Time to jump off of the soapbox.

So let's just say I haven't slept as well as I like to.  Which in turns makes me edgy.  Throw in some anxiety + a little nervousness.  Oh and the need for a good cry.  You get what I like to call "the build up."  Now not everyone goes this route.  Some people are lucky and can cry on demand.  Or they just let their feelings out as they come.  Nope. Not here.  I wish.  Nah.  I like to be complicated and keep it all in.  Then I have emotional overload.  Only this time I  can't get in a good cry.  Dag.  Nope. You would think I could cry since I well up during lifetime movies or after laughing too hard. I'm all stopped up.  I don't know what the deal is. I am like Cameron Diaz in "The Holiday."  Home girl can't shed a tear.  So instead of a good cry, I get mad.  Which takes us nowhere.  So what's a girl to do?  I have no idea. Hopefully it will pass.  In the meantime I am laying here, with my favorite candle (from Celadon) and I am listening to Disney music on Pandora.  Celine, Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp family and the Lion King are serenading me.  Not going to lie, it's pretty stellar. (still no tears though) So I think I will just immerse myself in some  more Disney for a while and see what happens.  Can't hurt.  I strongly recommend it.

So, if you could do me a huge favor I would really appreciate it.


I promise I won't wave from the side of the road anymore:)



  1. I love reading your blog. You are a wonderful writer with a great since of humor! Keep it coming. I can relate.

  2. Hoping for a victory today! Wish we could vote for your dad.

  3. congrats on the win! i want to hang with you soon!

  4. YAAAAAY!!!! Another month I get to honk and wave at you on Longpoint Road!!! Looking forward to it - now get me a sign and some stuff I can give to my neighbors!