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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

First off- HERB WON!! It was close.  Not going to lie- I was worried.  We scored 1,334 votes to Smith's 1,275.  It was tight.  I actually thought we lost, so on the way to the campaign party I was practicing my "I'm totally fine/I feel like death" face (I've gotten pretty good at it).  I pulled in pretty late because I had to gather the results in North Mt. Pleasant which were not too good.  Lili informed me that we were up 51% to 49%.  The Sass family likes to keep things interesting.  Thanks to all who came out to vote.  Each vote truly counted.  (I'm glad you can't really see my facial expression in the pic because it wasn't good...I was a bit over the sign waving by this point) Now we have to make it down the home stretch.  April 26th is the general election. (No worries, I will remind you:)

I have a confession.  (Don't get excited-nothing to juicy this time)  I have been completely surprised in this month.  (Now you are on the edge of your seats)  Sorry to burst your excitement, but what I have been surprised by is not exciting or anything crazy, just simple.  What has surprised me you ask?  PEOPLE.  I have been completely surprised by people.  In all different facets.  I honestly think God needed to knock me upside the head by people to get me to figure things out.  You may be confused right now, but this is making perfect sense over here.  I didn't really realize this, but I am kind of a quick/harsh/uninformed judge of people.  Not all the time, just sometimes.  Oh, I should also add that I get super intimidated/scared of people.  And it is usually the least scary people that I am the most terrified of.  And mostly women (especially in large groups, i.e the Women's Retreat).  I'm a chicken.  Straight up.  I have realized that I am not exactly extroverted.  I think I am and extroverted introvert.  Yeah.  I'm going to go with that one.  People never believe me when I say this, but I can send the ol agent out when I need to.  Being peopley/sometimes funny is a defense mechanism for me.  I have to build up some courage before I can actually communicate with anyone that I am mildly afraid of)  So lately, I have actually gotten to know people that I was once scared of and tended to avoid.  Guess what??  In real life, they totally are AWESOME.  I wish I could say that this has only happened once, but that would be a big, fat lie.  If I had to guess a number, it would probably be like 5 in the past month.  Seriously.  Kind of sad on my part.  I wish I could be a little less like that.  I'm going to have to work on that.  I have also been really surprised by support. (this sounds cheesy, but just bare with me for a sec)  I just kind of realized that I have people that would step up for me.  I think sometimes I/we don't always feel like we have people to step up and fight (figuratively..) for us.  To be real honest I felt that way (more times than not).  That is one of the best & most relieving feelings I have felt in a really, really long time.  I don't actually know how to explain it.  Oh well.  I know all of this sounds weird, but I have been trying to sort through it all and just needed to write it out.  So there you have it.  Now you may think I am weird for putting this out there. And you may be right actually.  However, I think I'm not the only one who thinks about stuff like this.  Just thought you should know.  Try and make sure that you don't jump the gun while over analyzing people...You just might get surprised one day:)  Trust me, I know.  

Here is a pic from Logan's surprise engagement 
I hope you have yourself a delightful day.  I guess I can quit listening to the Disney music for a while.  

But I'm still waiting on the cry.  


Currently listening to "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen.  Word up.

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