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Monday, March 28, 2011

Domestic Betty

It poured rain today.  And it was frigid.  I LOVED it.  A perfect combination.  I came home early (can't measure in the rain) and decided to seriously deep clean my room.  Whenever I am at all anxious about anything, I tend to deep clean & dust. It usually happens late at night.  Side note- thanks to Tyler McCoy, I am now not sure what I want to be when I grow up.  In a good way, but we will work on that later.)  So I put on Ray Lamontagne Pandora, lit a candle that smells  like Celadon and got to work.  I'm talking serious.  I stood on my bed (fell off once) and cleaned off the fan blades (gag), dusted every solitary thing, vacuumed, organized and threw stuff away.  I feel so much better.  Then I played guitar for at least 2 straight hours.  Ah, heaven.  Then I met Biz, Whit and Tyler for an awesome dinner.  Where I learned about being vertical.  You can just ask them about it...No comment.  I was so proud of myself though and took some pics of my progress.  I'm a nerd.  It's cool.  I'm good with it.  Here is what I did today:
Domesticated Betty

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  1. I am very impressed....I guess our dust discussion was part of this master plan! I love to clean and organize! Mandy