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Monday, March 7, 2011

The campaign trail

Tomorrow is the big day.  If you live in our district in Mt. P- GO VOTE!!! We have been campaigning like crazy.  You have probably seen golf carts in your neighborhood full of Sass signs.  And you probably saw Eliza & I on the side of Longpoint Rd. Friday and today.  Eliza has been my faithful sign waiving partner.  Betsy has been my hero because she went door to door with me on several occasions.  Betsy- you are awesome and I owe you HUGE.  We have had several guests on the campaign trail.  Shawn and Hamlin helped us in the Groves.  Martha helped us in Bayview.  So if you want to know how to be vulnerable-go stand on the side of a major road while waiving a sign.  It brings you out of your shell a bit.  Today I got some surprise visitors.  Who were they you ask??
I mean who would not vote for Herb after seeing these people on the side of the road?  That's what I thought.  They were by far the most spirited people I have seen today.  If you could, say a few prayers for Herb tomorrow.  He has been working super hard and I know that he would really appreciate it.  I'm off to watch CofC whoop up on some Wofford Terriers.


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