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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday with the Senf's

This weekend, I must say, was pretty uneventful, yet AWESOME.  Friday, I came home from work and watched Transformers 3, which deserves it's own post.  More to come later.  I then went and visited baby Wagner and fam, then headed to see Footloose with some Fight Clubbers.  I must say- I liked it better than the original.  Stop!  Don't shoot, it really was good.  I have some anti Kevin Bacon thing for some reason and the main character in this one was really cute.  Plus the Willard character won my heart over.  On Saturday I rolled out to North Mt. Perfect to visit the Senf's.  And this is basically what we did:
The cooking crew...
 I got to man the meat and peppers
 The Peanut Gallery
 Never have I seen veggies look so beautiful:)
 Pretty Standard
 We decided to have a lil photo shoot:)  Here are my favorites.
 The sleeping beauty...
Last night, the Sass fam ate fried chicken and waffles at Aunt Vickey's house and it was so yummy.  Then I suffered through the unfortunate Carolina game:(  Today I got to go back out to the Senf's to eat the delectable food that we prepared all day yesterday.  It was soooo sooo soooo good.  I'm still full up from lunch.  Yum.  Then some of us girls retired to movie land.  We watched Beauty and the Beast.  I forgot how much I love that movie.  I haven't seen it in like 15 years.  I almost cried.  Ha ha.  Now it's 9pm and I feel like I could pass out.  So that's it for me.

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