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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Man am I sad this weekend is over.  Fri was the T Swift fairy tale, Saturday I scored some Senf fam hang out time and tix to Needtobreathe in March and today I went to Georgetown.  I should mention that one of my all time best friend boys in the whole entire world is engaged.  Seriously people.  This is one of the best people that I know.  Let's give it up for Stephen Sayre my friends.  Not only is he engaged, but he will be residing back on the east coast.  The world is right again..  AMEN.
This lil nugget is getting hitched!
Today's sermon was pretty good today.  I suggest hopping online and checking it out.  It won't disappoint.  Today I rolled to Georgetown for one of Biz's showers.  It was at a BEAUTIFUL house.  It just so happened to have a pond.  I just so happened to have my fly rod.  We all know how this ends. I took a detour and a little tour around the yard.  And then some.
Yeah.  I could live in G-town if I could live there.  It was so so so beautiful.  Now I just watched CSI Miami.  I may or may not be scared to go to sleep now.  Great.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!


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  1. PLEASE do a book of Lowcountry photos! such a pleasure to look at your beautiful love love the one of the fly rod and reel....classic. <3