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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day of the Big Turkey

I'm about to drop the play by play of the Sass family Thanksgiving.  Keep in mind, this is coming from my perspective.  And perspective alone..  Sorry, I like to have a dramatic build up.

I woke up late.  Because I stayed up until 3 am watching Friday Night Lights Season 5. Holy Awesome.  I will post on this later on.  But, let it be known that my crush on Tim Riggins and Coach Taylor is definitely still alive and well.  So I woke up.  Burned a delightful Christmas mix full of NTB, Ben Rector, Mariah, Aaron Neville and Bruce Springsteen.  I pit stopped at Starbucks for a venti iced coffee and hit the open road.  I was headed to Brick House on beautiful Edisto.  If you didn't know, I am completely in love with Edisto.  No question about it.  I took the dirt road way once I got to Ravenel.  Made my first pit stop here:
I love a good train track.  Something super countrified about them.  I pushed on.  And then pit stopped once again here:
 These fields were on the way into Brick House and they were really pretty.  I finally arrived at the compound.  At Brick House you never know who and what is going to be there.  But, you know there will be a table 17 miles long full of comfort food. True story.  I snapped a few dock/creek pics pre-food coma.
 Alright.  Let me begin.  I arrived.  I immediately didn't make eye contact really with anyone until I could located the Herb Sass branch of the fam. ( I get a lil shy in large crowds)  I found them.  We said our hellos and took some pics of the fam:)
 Sometimes I like to refer to mom and aunt Vickey as the blond nuggets.  So there they are.  They brought their own champagne flutes.  Totally normal. Right?
 Here we are.  All together.  Smiling.  I mean, I kind of love us.  Hobbits in the middle, Giants round the outside.
I told dad to throw up his best gang sign.  Unfortunately he threw up some Star Trek symbol.  Man oh man do we have some work to do...

Here comes my favorite part of the day.  So after like 30 minutes I notice this guy kind of hanging around our little cluster.  He seemed nice.  But I really had never seen him before.  But he was in our territory.  He was pretty chummy with the fam.  So I whisper over to Lili; "Do we know this dude?"  I received a typical Lili look. ( In case you haven't received one, here is a small visual)
She answers; "That is my boyfriend.  Of 4 months.  His name is Robert.  Yes, he is older."  Insert dramatic pause here.  Plus a minor jaw drop.  I mean hello?  4 months??  No one cared to fill me in that my little tiny baby sister has a man friend??  Well Happy Thanksgiving to you too...  I tried to play it cool.  When I really wanted to ask her 1,009,832 questions.  But I kept my smooth composure.  Naturally.  I even managed to take a picture of the lil couple..
Then came the time we had all been waiting for.  The food.  Yes, the food.  It is so so so so good.
The gnats came out.  So one of the nuggets put her head piece on....
 The Green Egg.  It cooks nothing, but yummy yummy goodness... all day long.
 Luckily, I was introduced to moonshine.  And moonshine cherries.  Did I steal a few for the ride home?  Maybe.  I can't confirm or deny.  Do I want to learn how to make them?  Yes.
 We then went and did some exploring....  And took some ding a ling pics.  I always wanted to be a tree hugger of sorts...
 I love a good dance party.  Even if no one will join me...  So sad.  But look at dem moves..
 Just working of the 2nds and 3rds...
 On the way home I stopped by the Smythes.  These are some of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  No lie. They are good people.  All around.  They have a place called Dawhoo.  Here are a few pics.

 Uncle George, me and Edwin.  Seriously.  They are great!
My boy Edwin is basically a grown up now.  Hes rockin it at the Citadel.  
Made my annual pass of the Christmas Tree farm:)
I made it home after a wonderful jam sesh.  And then headed out to visit some of my other all time favorite people.  The Senf fam.  We watched some James Bond, A Walk to Remember and did some arts and crafting.  Seriously I love them.  A lot.  All in all I'd say it was a pretty stellar Turkey Day!

I'm out.  And Thankful!


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