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Friday, November 4, 2011

Push it.

This has been a very long week.  Very long.  Surpisingly, I feel rested.  That could be because I am on day 5 of no sodas.  It hasn't been as hard as I though it would be, but there have been some crucial moments where I have really needed some Dt. Dew.  Just sayin. Got to enjoy supper with the Clayton clan which was was stellar.   I also got in the bed last night at like 10.  Which is like a Christmas miracle because I have not gone to bed that early most likely since high school.  Word.  I've been waking up early each morning and walking.  Except today because when I woke up at the usual time- it was dark still... And I saw some signs of rain.. So I thought I should sleep 48 more minutes.  Haha.  Side note- I walk fairly early so it's still cold out.  I like to wear my yl hoodie.  With my ipod on.  Hood up. I may or may not like to pretend that I am like Eminem.  Struttin it on 8 mile.  But that's not important.

Okay.  Bare with me as I go deep for a moment.  So the events of this week have been extremely difficult and hard. If you have watched the news then you are well aware and may be dealing with the same stuff.  I don't know.  But I have been consumed 100%.  I've still been trying to wrap my head, brain and heart around all of this and I just can't.  There are just some things that I just will not be able to understand.  I have rationalized and analyzed until the cows come home.  I have constantly been replaying things in my head like a broken record.  I've gotten no where.  But, I have learned lots of lil gold nuggetts of wisdom and truth throughout the week.  During our high school small group there was lots of discussion over this weeks events.  Lots of questions that I did not know how to answer and honestly I was asking the same in my own heart.  I would say the most important one was "Why does God let things like this happen?"  I really didn't know where to begin. Since I was struggling with the same thoughts.  Even some LOTS of anger about it.  So I asked a friend, who just so happens to be a counselor and is full up of some great wisdom.  Here is what she said.  And it spoke to me in so many ways, pertaining to several other circumstances.

"Often when this question comes up, I ask what would you have wanted God to do that He didn't do?  Usually the answers would involve God having to override a human beings' will.  He loves us too much to do that.  The enemy of God and the enemy of His children uses these kinds of things to distort our image of God.  We have to stay clear about who God actually is and the whole gospel story."

That is so true.  This situation has also made me realize just how important prayer is.  Prayer for us personally.  Prayer for the victims who have come forward.  Prayer for those who have not.  Prayers for each family involved.  And prayer for our community, churches and culture.  I forget at times, just how powerful prayer is.  And just how powerful God is.  And how much I need to trust the Lord.  We have a supernatural God.  He can and will do supernatural things.  That's what I am going to chew on today. 

On a lighter note.  This could be one of my all time favorite movie/dance scenes.  Logan- when I come to Gvegas soon- you & I have some major work to do.  Push it.  We got this.  Seriously.  Watch this if you need a lil pick me up. 


Love you long time,

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  1. Good blog Sarah. I think everyone this week has had the same struggles. But God did not cause this or even allow it. He have us freewill and some people are very sick people and will make very bad and evil choices. It suspends belief what we read in the paper and see in the world and even our very own communities. We must really keep our faith in The Lord and in each other. But we must remain and become ever more vigilant for the young and innocent. This is not a new occurrence in our society, it has been going on since we were given free choice. It is a good thing that we are ever more aware and that children and others have safe places to go and talk with adults who can and want to help them. We as a society have come a very long way in the fact that we no longer sweep these accusations under the rug but have entire agencies who are committed to taking these monsters off the street.

    Keep the faith honey. I'm proud of you and I know this has been so difficult for so many people, victims, families of victims and the community at large. We always question was there something missed that should have been noticed. But know, these predators are very smart people. And sometimes you really think you know someone but you don't.

    Your mom.