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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Bros

This lil shout out is very long over due.  Rob and Royall.  These are the brothers that I never had.  Biologically that is.  But, I think it is safe to say that they are my bros. I think there was a time period that we hung out every day.  In the tv room.  On the boat.  In the car.  This is back in the day when they weren't cool.  Little nerds if you will (technically they weren't ever nerds, but I still need to put them in their place at times).  They didn't shun me and my boy hair cut.  Now they are cool.  And it's possible that I am a nerd.  But I'm totally ok with my nerdiness.  Back to my story.  I love these two.  I used to drive us around everywhere in my jeep.  We went in the boat all of the time.  Seriously.  Out to Silk Hope so many times to ride 4 wheelers.  They are actually responsible for me becoming obsessed with 4 wheelers.  And hunting.  And fishing.  They showed me School of Rock for the 1st time for which I am eternally grateful.  They taught me about the tribute song by Tenacious D.  I learned to hate dip with 100% of my heart.  But they don't listen to me.  I learned to truly love a hot dog cooked in a stick of butter (a Royall Shore masterpiece).  I once almost died of Hypothermia on the IOP connector after surfing in the flipping winter with Rob and no wetsuit.  Bad decision.  I learned how to throw Mike and Ikes from the couch, up over the light fixture and into the lightbulb.  Terrifying car rides with Rob.  Incredible sugar highs.  With Rob.  Lots of physical and verbal brawls.  With all 3 of us. HA. And we all have a deep deep love for East Bay Deli.  Now they are old.  Royall is at the Citadel.  Rob is out working for the man.  They are both doing awesome.  And I love them.  And this is their shout out.  They both still make me laugh.  A lot.  And they have good hearts.  And that is what counts.  In my book. 
Love you long time.

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