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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Clayton Clan

Today was a solid day my friends.  I woke up.  Still basking in victory.  Just for the record-  GO COCKS!!  Whew.  I feel much better...  After church I trekked it on out to North Mt. Perfect to take some pics of the Clayton girls.  They turned out better than I thought.  Brace yourself.  I'm about to bombard you with some pics.  Seriously.  I really like them.  The people.  The pictures.  And the dog.  I think the dog may actually think he is a human.  He's a bit of a priss, but he did well.  Here are some of my favorite shots from today.
 Here is the star of today's show...
 She loves him the most.  FACT.  So regal.
I love taking pictures of fun people.  Seriously.  I mean let's be real- having someone take glamour shots of you can be awkward.  I always love taking pictures of people that I know.  Mostly because it's funny, but you also get to know people better.  That being said.  The Clayton Clan is one of my favorites.  Triptastic, Trick n Trina, Nightmere, Caroline and Louie are some of my favs.  Some mean ham biscuits come out of that house too:)

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