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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clear Eyes

Friday Night Lights.  This is one of the best, most high quality, realistic, inspiring TV series that I have ever watched and completed.  It is a show that nailed it.  Football, love stories, drama, action, and really cute boys.  What more could you possibly ask for?  Seriously.  I hate to sound all weird and say that I totally related or felt like it was real and I grew to love the characters... Yes.  Yes I did.  Have you seen it?  Watch this if you need a refresher.  If the show was real life, I would totally be friends with these people.  Hopefully I would be married to Coach Taylor
or Tim Riggins

My crush on Coach Taylor is because I just plain love him as a person.  He is a flipping awesome coach.  He is funny.  He is extremely stubborn.  And he loves his family.  Plus he gives the most motivational speeches ever:
" But there are some who do still believe in you, a few who'd never give up on you. When you take that field, those are the people I want in your minds. Those are the people I want in your hearts. Every man at some point is gonna lose a battle. He's gonna fight and he's gonna lose. But what makes him a man, is that in the midst of that battle he does not lose himself. This game is not over, this battle is not over. So let's hear it one more time, together. Clear eyes, full hearts, CAN'T LOSE!"

 Tim Riggins is the best bad boy.  Stellar football player who occasionally plays dirty.  May have a drinking problem and recently went to jail to save his brother.  That's heart right there people.  I love the entire FNL family.  I love Tammy too.  She is an independent woman my friends.  Exactly a year ago is when I decided to watch seasons 1-4 in exactly 1 month.  I lived and breathed FNL.  I discovered the 5th and final season on netflix Thanksgiving break.  Watched the whole thing in 3 days.  After the final episode I cried like a little baby.  I cried because it was the end.  Because the Taylor's moved from Texas to Philly.  Because I wouldn't see Tim Riggins anymore.  And because it was over.  Is it bad that I prayed they would start another one??  No.  Just watch the farewell video.  It still makes me cry.  So here's to you FNL.  Thanks for being awesome.

Clear eyes.  Full hearts.  Can't lose.


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