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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Office Diaries: Lunch Shun 2.0 and mild depression

I'm writing to you from my office nook.  Ben Rector/Mumford and Sons/Zac Brown Band Pandora rolling strong in the background.  And I'm about to get real up in here.  On a scale of 1-10 (1 being utterly terrible and 10 being ultra radical) today is about a 1.25.  Yeah.  That sounds about right.  It started out alright.  Walked my 3 miles and enjoyed some oatmeal.  Then I went to the office.  I knew I should have stopped and got my iced coffee.  Could, shoulda, woulda.  Things were going well until I faced the lunch shunning 2.0.  I can't decide if this is intentional or not.  It normally doesn't bother me if it is just the boys, but when the one other girl gets to go... I'm just not sure.  Sometimes I know it is because I am in the nook and nobody knows that I am there.  But, today I got some shunnage.  But, its okay.  I got to eat lunch with Herb.  At the East Bay Deli.  Yummy.  I asked him if knew any details about the shunning.  "No.  You think it's intentional?  Maybe it's because if they ask you then they would have to ask me.  And they may not want to have to eat with me."  Yeah right.  They like eating with you Herb.  Is it because I'm annoying?  Or a girl?  Or uncool?  "Uh.  You don't seem annoying.  I don't know about coolness."  Oh well.  Here is where my day went from a 10 and dropped 8.75 points to 1.25.  Today was payday.  Now let it be known that I have been tearing it up production wise.  I have 41 appraisals backlogged.  Baller.  So I was pretty excited for payday.  Like most people.  WRONG.  A whopping 4 appraisal payments came in.  Not good.  Especially since it is Christmas time.  Needless to say, I immediately became emotional and very irritable.  No payday=STRESSED, EMOTIONAL, DEPRESSED, NO CHRISTMAS PRESENT BUYING, NO ADVENTURE HAVING, NON SOCIABLE SARAH.  IN A NUTSHELL.  It was touch and go for a while in the nook.  I almost punched the wall and I almost cried.  Neither were good for the situation.The banking world has 2 weeks to fix this mam o jamma or its going to be a hard candy Christmas for mi amigos.  Sorry friends.  We may have to celebrate Christmas in January people.  Who doesn't love a nice extended holiday?  Ok.  Great.  Glad we have that one settled...

I need a Dt. Mt. Dew like non other.  But I am 29 days soda free... What do to do?  Ah.  Any suggestions?  Today is one of those "emergency days."  But I just can't bring myself to do it...  Help.

It's non year team Tuesday.  So at least I will get some hang time with Tyler Sophia the real McCoy.

On the plus side I have been taking lots of pictures.  It has been fun.  If only I could be a photographer.  Now that would be splendid.

Ok.  Enough pity party.  I am out.


PS- Bug Lady are you out there?

PSS- Princess Katie Wagner is back in the USA.  Thank God.


  1. On the practical side..... Your brilliant photos would make priceless amazing Christmas gifts! And your dad was prob right about the shunnage etiology.
    On the mushy side....I had a crappy day too and admire your courage to blog about it. Thanks for being real.
    And on the Truth side... "thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies, my cup overflows." you are the guest of honor.
    PS. Let's do lunch :)

  2. Some people are not strong enough to be in the shadow of one whose amazing coolness and popularity is - in the words of the great Western philosopher ZZTop - bad and nationwide. Seriously, I can't fathom anyone shunning you, ever. But I remember how bad hurt feelings feel (I'm far too callous to get them now, so enjoy being a girl :) However, just to make a point, try working "shun" into conversations whenever practical (e.g., "Don't ask me the definition, go look it up in the dicSHUNary" or "Use GPS if you can't find the locaSHUN of that property" or "Enjoy working while I'm on vacaSHUN")

  3. Hello, It's Bug Lady! I told you I keep up with you! I am sorry for the day you had...and sorry about the miscommunication we had about this Sunday :( If I worked with you I'd be begging you to go to lunch with me everyday. "If God is with me, who can be against me."
    Love you, your bug highness