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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Teenage Dream

I lived it last night.  I guess it was more of a tween, teen, college, young profesh and mom dream.  Judging from the crowd.  Last night we drove to Columbia to see Needtobreathe and Taylor Swift.  I was mostly going to see Needtobreathe.  Because I LOVE them and I think that they are incredible.  And plus, we go back.  To before they were famous.  Like so:
Just wanted you to do that I didn't just hop on the cool bandwagon.  I had done been on in for a while... Anywho.  Seeing them play in such a huge place with thousands of people screaming and singing their songs made me so excited for them.  They are really making it.  And they seem like they are still the same guys.  I was sad when they played their last song because I could have listened to them all night long.  Then at the end, they pulled on my heart strings just a little more.  They introduced PMI (Palmetto Medical Initiative) to 13,000 people.  That is AWESOME.  PMI was started jointly by one of my all time favorite people.  It so cool to see something that someone you know and respect grow into something life changing and real.  Seriously.  I almost cried when they put pics up and talked about it.  I felt so proud.  Of my friend. And of the mission.  So cool.  On to T SWIFT.

So after NTB, they constructed T SWIFT'S stage in like 10 min flat.  It was crazy.  It looked like Disney Princess land to me.  As soon as she was about to come on, I began to hear the highest pitched screams that I have ever ever ever heard.  I was worried that this was about to be miserable.  Wrong.  Taylor knows how to put on a show.  It really felt more like a disney musical.  Theatrical performances, set changes and dancing.  That girl bee bops around stage more than anyone I have ever seen.  Home girl knows how to whip her hair back and forth too.  I have to hand it to her- she is an entertainer.  No wonder she won entertainer of the year.  She does it right.  Floats around on a magical balcony, rides around on a magical tree and runs all over the dang place.  She even came down into the crowd to get swarmed in every direction.  Okay, so there was like 23% of me that wanted to touch her hand.  Sorry, my 13yr old self was rearing it's little head...  I will say, Taylor did say something last night that I liked.  She said, "Want to know something cool?  Someday, I will know so much more than I know now."  It got me thinking.  She is right.  One day I will know so much more than I know now.  Thank God.  Because I know nothing...  I don't have a smart phone so my pics are not the best.
There were people everywhere....  I hated that part.  Oh well.  Betsy took more pictures which will most likely be coming later.  All in all, it was an experience.  A good time.  With good friends.  Success.  I have more exciting news.  One of my best friend boys in the whole entire world is engaged. But this deserves its own post, so that will be coming later.  Also, Douglas Sass is finally back in the 843.  Thank God.  I will now have one of my lunch buddies back.  And my fishing buddy:)  Wahoooo.

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