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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Afternoon Flat

Today after work, I got some good ole Sarah Sass time.  I hopped on the Bank's new boat which just so happens to be one of my dream boats.  New Maverick 15ft, 40 Yamaha with poling platform.  It was beautiful.  We got started late, but it was a beautiful night on the water.  The sun was hitting the marsh just right.  And everytime the waves crashed through the marsh grass, you could see a ray of silver.  I kept thinking it was a tailing redfish.  Not so much.  We poled across the flat looking for our fish.  Poling across the flat is one of my favorite experiences.  It's so quiet.  You can hear everything, and right when you least expect it, you creep up on a heron or a marsh hen and they come up right in front of you.  It's so surreal.  You are just in inches of water, but the boat just keeps pushing along.  We didn't have much luck with the fish, but boy am I glad I brought my camera because I saw a memorizing sunset.  I don't think the guys are used to having someone in dire need to take a picture.  I tried to explain how it's not just about the fish, but the whole picture.... Oh well.  It was just the kind of afternoon that I was in need of.

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